Character profile: Formaldehydra

13th Mar 2018, 4:21 AM
Character profile: Formaldehydra
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 13th Mar 2018, 4:21 AM
Formaldehydra, former Hyperborean sorceress and destroyer of, well, pretty much everything in the the distant past, was trapped in a supposedly indestructable container by a coalition of ancient magic users; in a last-ditch attempt to stop her rampage. For thousands of years, she remained locked away - at the bottom of the deepest, darkest ocean, just to be on the safe side - and was eventually forgotten by the world at large. In the closing days of the 20th century, however, an oceanographic expedition found her prison and brought it to the surface as an archaeological curiosity; little suspecting its deadly secret. A certain criminal knigpin, however, did: and a crack team of bestial supervillains liberated it from storage in the Metropolitan Museum, delivering it to the Antarctic fortress of S.C.U.M. Now Formaldehydra is free again - well, not really. Cancerface knows the ways and means of her imprisonment, and can summon or banish her as he sees fit; only giving her enough slack on her leash to do what he wants. You can imagine how angry she is.... and once she works out how to break the bonds of her enchantment, he will see just how Angry angry can be!