Character profile: Turboprop

6th Feb 2018, 2:50 AM
Character profile: Turboprop
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Cartoonist_at_Large 6th Feb 2018, 2:50 AM
Just because you don't have any powers doesn't mean you can't make it in the big leagues! Case in point is the SuperGroup's Turboprop, who leveraged his love of aeronautical engineering (that's airplanes, for those of you in the slow class) and former experience as a rugby superstar to become a high-flying defender of justice! His souped-up jet pack - and associated tech built into his costume - allows him to fly at supersonic speed with no ill effects, and perform all manner of aerial acrobatics; including his signature move, 'The Flying Tackle'. Chocks away, ladies and gents, it's time to get airborne!