Discount Avengers Assemble.... it's The urban Vigilantes!

29th Jul 2020, 2:12 AM
Discount Avengers Assemble.... it's The urban Vigilantes!
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Cartoonist_at_Large 29th Jul 2020, 2:12 AM
Back when I first joined the Fight Squad project, there were plenty of characters (333) and quite a few cabals / organisations (S.C.U.M, InterComm, The Non-Mafia and others), but only one clearly stated superhero team: the SuperGroup. Which, despite the dominance of highly-territorial supervillain gangs on Fight squad Earth, seemed odd - surely, given how many other random heroes / anti-heroes / community do-gooders there were on the Master Character List, some of them would have formed their own teams.... if only for mutual protection? However, as always seems to happen with comic projects I involve myself with, certain characters began gravitating together in my head and sticking together in natural associations - and thus it was that one particular agglomeration, composed of (let's be honest here) utterly dysfunctional super-types (A zero-budget Iron Man? A guy who turns into furniture? A leprechaun-themed gymnast?) coalesced into a team of street-level anti-heroes, devoted to making a difference where others could or would not; despite the oddball nature of their powers and the fact that any reputable superhero team wouldn't even sign them on as reserve members.... The Urban Vigilantes!