Character profile: Axeman!

1st Apr 2020, 8:01 PM
Character profile: Axeman!
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Cartoonist_at_Large 1st Apr 2020, 8:01 PM
Rock on, dudes! Proving that Hair metal and shredding guitar riffs will never go out of style, Jerome 'Axeman' Soames and his cohorts Ragna Rock and Deep Bass are the key members of the jam-tastic hyperband Grusm! Formerly washed-out musical has-beens (the 1980's abruptly stopped after a decade, for some weird reason), Jerome and his cohorts were visited by the Gods of Rock and gifted strange musical powers; bringing back their fortitude to rock, turning their amps up to 11.... and entrusting them with the sacred mission to battle evil and injustice! Axeman is the lead guitarist for Grusm, and uses his gnarly rocktitude to summon mighty 'sonic avatars' - think Green lantern, but with sound - that can do whatever his on-the-fly lyrics freakin' well tell 'em to! Quite often, these avatars go toe to toe with the Saturday Night Fever Dreams of the 1970's throwback Discoball - making for one impressive sound n' light show in the process....