Character profile: Aquiesse

26th Feb 2020, 3:28 AM
Character profile: Aquiesse
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Cartoonist_at_Large 26th Feb 2020, 3:28 AM
Whether an actual mermaid, or some form of genetically-engineered / otherwise mutated human-being, Maria 'Aquiesse' Lattona holds her origins as a closely-guarded secret - part of her 'essential sexy mystique', as she will tell anyone who will listen (and even anyone who won't). Whatever she is, she possesses everything needed to be perfectly at home underwater: aquatic respiration, bi-lobate fish tail, and the ability to survive the pressures of the ocean depths. A huge fan of the SuperGroup (or, one could argue, a 'SuperGroupie'), Aquiesse has decided to follow in her idols' footsteps and found her own team of avenging champions: the Ginormous League of Undersea Gladiators, or G.L.U.G! Unfortunately, only the 'undersea' part of their name is accurate - given that there charter membership is exactly four (herself, Encephalopod, Scuba Ninja and Newbie Nordberg, the Substandard Mariner), they can't really call themselves 'ginormous' or a 'league'.... and as for 'gladiators'? Scuba Ninja's fighting prowess notwithstanding, the others can't even fight their way out of waterlogged paper bag. Still, Aquiesse makes do with cleaning up floating rubbish, arranging counseling for sharks with existential dilemmas, and occasionally trying to antagonise S.C.U.M's Gunwhale and Scuttlefish whenever they pass by; hoping for their one big shot to hit the big time.... Although perhaps if she didn't keep signing up for risque swimsuit calendars all the time, they might garner a bit more respect....