Character profile: WarHedd!

1st Jan 2020, 8:35 AM
Character profile: WarHedd!
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Cartoonist_at_Large 1st Jan 2020, 8:35 AM
Some of the loyal comrades of InterComm (the International Communist Conspiracy) are all about the action: sabotage, hostile takeovers, leg-breaking, and large things large exploding. Others, however, are in it for the cerebral side of things - conceiving the intricate and devious plans that result in the aforementioned sabotage, hostile takeovers, leg-breaking and large things large exploding. Such is the case with the cranial colossuss, WarHedd: whose aspirations to be a 'thinktank' were clearly more literal than anyone ever imagined! As InterComm's resident tactical genius, Red Panda and Asian Lion rely on him to think the unthinkable, conceive the inconceivable, and generally work out every single last little bit of military minutiae that may foul up their glorious ascendancy. While his plans are undeniably foolproof, his persnickety, perfectionist nature (to say nothing of his need to examine every factor in triplicate) often mean they have to wait raaaaaaather a long time for the answers they want.... Still, at least they know he will never sell his services to the enemy: the amount of other stuff in his gargantuan noggin means there's no room for any thoughts of betrayal!