Character profile: Encephalopod

23rd Oct 2019, 2:54 AM
Character profile: Encephalopod
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Cartoonist_at_Large 23rd Oct 2019, 2:54 AM
Befitting his status as 'World's smartest cephalopod', Barry T. Entacles (AKA Encephalopod) is one of a kind. The only mollusc on Earth capable of coherent speech - well, telepathic communication, anyway - Encephalopod is a staunch ally to Aquiesse the Mermaid; who rescued him from the clutches of a disreputable aquarium owner years earlier. The pair discovered they had a common dream (the desire to enter the metahero big leagues, and amass fame and fortune), and set forth to make it a reality. And, with further assistance from Nordberg, the sub-standard mariner and the mysterious Scuba Ninja, they have succeeded.... well, sort of.
Aside from being staggeringly intelligent - if woefully naive - and gifted with that whole telepathy thing, Encephalopod can also harness his mighty mind and manipulate objects via telekinesis, a power that, in his estimation, is only 'mildly unreliable'. He can make things float, fall over, fly all over the place.... only hitting his team mates with them 43% of the time, by the way.... and stop in mid-air. These skills are being honed through rigorous training by Scuba Ninja, who is also encouraging him to develop a dangerous form of eight-limbed martial arts!