Concept art: Loggerhead 2

9th Oct 2019, 3:56 AM
Concept art: Loggerhead 2
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 9th Oct 2019, 3:56 AM
That's more like it! The second version of Loggerhead hit all the right buttons in terms of his 'visual personality': younger, blockier and more massive, five o'clock shadow instead of full facial hair, and a face that clearly says 'angry brute-force thug'. This is a guy you can see being lead around (and lead astray) by the feminine wiles of Kudzu - or, in fact, anyone who provides him with a regular paycheck! To amp up his tree-trashing credentials, I also fitted him with not just an axe or a chainsaw, but a pair of bionic gauntlets that both turn into axes... or chainsaws.... or an axe and a chainsaw.... or combine together into one double-handed superweapon! Otherwise, he simply wouldn't be weird enough to join the ranks of S.C.U.M: there's a bionic narwhal, a shapeshifting beast-totem, a kaiju-sized hydra, a mini-voltron made out of rats - Loggerhead had to have something going for him beyond being a deranged lumberjack!