Concept art: Horizonshine 2

10th Jul 2019, 3:14 AM
Concept art: Horizonshine 2
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 10th Jul 2019, 3:14 AM
Horizonshine's super-suit came into its own as I further developed his character, but one thing I was still going back and forth on was: how much 'Astro-Boy' should the design have going on? A little? A lot? None at all? As you can see, there was bit of a war of attrition between a 'realistically-proportioned' version of the character, and a squished-down, cutesy-chibi version - although I ultimately decided not to run with 'Horizonshine Jr.', there's always a chance I could one day find some way of incorporating him into proceedings somehow....