Character profile: Jerk of all Trades

26th Jun 2019, 4:15 AM
Character profile: Jerk of all Trades
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Cartoonist_at_Large 26th Jun 2019, 4:15 AM
Well, hello, hello! Fancy running into to you out here! Allow me to introduce myself: Quentin Marksley, esq., otherwise known as 'The Jerk of all Trades'! My, that's a nasty hover-bike crash you've survived there - oh, and your emergency locator beacon has been destroyed? Such a shame, such a shame. (hides still-smoking rocket laucher) And all the way out in the desert, too.... Well, my friend, this is your lucky day: it just so happens, by sheer coincidence, I am carrying every conceivable piece of equipment needed to extricate yourself from your perilous situation! Tools, spare parts, emergency rations, first aid kit.... and all at such reasonable prices, too.... Now, I'm sure we can work out a payment plan, if you're not able to front up the full cost all at once - You will? Oh, marvelous. Such an enthusiastic customer.... I'm sure this is the start of a wonderful business relationship....