Character profile: Jonny Rozzer

12th Jun 2019, 1:16 AM
Character profile: Jonny Rozzer
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Cartoonist_at_Large 12th Jun 2019, 1:16 AM
Trained in the esteemed corridors of Scotland Yard, Jon Fairbanks aka 'Jonny Rozzer', was dedicated to the pursuit of law and order - catching criminals, accumulating evidence, filing mountains and mountains of paperwork. But he had one crucial advantage over all the other plods and flastfoots on the beat: he could literally be in a dozen places at once, due to his incredible ability to duplicate himself into a hive-mind linked network of equally-dedicated clones! Unfortunately, his officious, by-the-book, perfectionist mindset was fed into each and every one of them, meaning that there were few colleagues (or criminals) who could ever escape his know-it-all pomposity, no matter where they went. Eventually, the higher-ups decided that no matter how good a cop he was, for the continued sanity of EVERYBODY ELSE he just had to go! Luckily, exactly the right place existed - the mean streets of Culverburg, USA, where the most oddball law-enforcers of all time had banded together as the FSPD.... and Jonny Rozzer would fit right in! Proud beyond belief to have been selected for an 'exclusive multi-disciplinary officer exchange program'(as his superiors hastily termed it), DI Fairbanks set sail for his new post in the states - never once wondering why no-one had told him who he was exchanging with....