From the Mason's personal collection (2c)

24th Apr 2019, 5:42 AM
From the Mason's personal collection (2c)
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Cartoonist_at_Large 24th Apr 2019, 5:42 AM
Ahh, you've actually dragged your attentions away from your insignificant mobile devices for the final installment of my (The Mason's) look into the world of Dystopia, have you? Splendid. After hastily vacating the ruined City of Junk, Marcus, Ilia and (Ugh) Max make their way out into the forbidding jungles of the wider world, still unaware of the robotic spies of the Future-kind tracking their every move. These so-called 'scholars' had actually abducted Marcus from the past to provide them with a prime example of pre-apocalypse humanity, but, in their infinite wisdom.... they put him down in completely the wrong place. And then lost him. Hmmph, exactly the sort of lackadaisical attitude that would be swiftly stamped out if I were in charge there. (And I very well soon may be, if this world proves to be as rich a treasure trove of alien weaponary as the inane scribblings of Acolyte Whatsisface suggest it is....) Nonetheless, the Future-kind do eventually pull fingers out of orifices and capture the trio, bringing them to the Great Southern Continent - formerly known as Antarctica, before it defrosted - and generally treating them with all the enthusiasm a new set of lab animals should be accorded. They are unsurprisingly baffled at Marcus' insistence that he should be returned to his own time and family.... but even more so when they discover that Ilia is a surviving alien war machine, that has now slipped into Ultimate Destruction Mode! Oh well, live and learn...