From the Mason's personal collection (2a)

10th Apr 2019, 2:05 AM
From the Mason's personal collection (2a)
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Cartoonist_at_Large 10th Apr 2019, 2:05 AM
Ahh, my Dimensional Research Division - so eager to breach the barriers of space-time for their master (myself, and no other, of course) and throttle the surrounding realities until secrets rain from their metaphorical pockets. With me today is Acolyte Barry, who has made such an intriguing discovery - and seems excited enough to explode at a moments notice - that I am generously allowing him to blither on about it for the regulation 23 seconds:

"Okay, so, there's like, this guy? Marcus, or something, and he gets sucked into this big time-storm and spat out a thousands of years in the future? And there'd been a big alien invasion! And the aliens won! And they'd demolished all the cities and dumped all the rubble on top of New York, and that's where Marcus ended up! He was running from these big mutant spider things, and then he found this, like, alien egg? And it turned into this hot robot babe with blue hair? Man, she was freakin' hot, but Marcus is like "Whoa, I just to get back to my wife and junk--"

Hmmm. Yes. You can see why I don't normally let underlings open their mouths for any significant amount of time. Still, this twisted reality seems a fascinating case study in Dystopian Tri-futurism, to say nothing of the fact that there might be more alien hardware lying in those rubble heaps just waiting to be exploited.... We shall pursue this story further next time, I think!