Character profile: Blogg

18th Sep 2018, 6:23 AM
Character profile: Blogg
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Cartoonist_at_Large 18th Sep 2018, 6:23 AM
Once upon a time, there was a reclusive computer hacker called Lars Hannsen - he was at the top of his game, in peak condition, the cream of the data-filching crop. And yet.... boredom was starting to set in. When you were as good as he was, challenges worthy of his time - and actually worthy of called 'challenges' at all - were few and far between. What to do? Well, in an effort to unleash his 'ultimate potential', Lars took the next step in his one-ness with technology.... and uploaded himself onto the internet! Quite how he accomplished this is a matter of continued speculation (and where he plugged in the USB cable is best left unconsidered), but now he was the mighty Blogg: Scourge of the Dark Web! Able to teleport through ethernet lines worldwide, Blogg does battle with the most powerful internet security agencies one-on-one; concocting or mutating virulent computer viruses, kick down deadly firewalls, freeze up iPads and data tablets, and generally wreak havok across the web! Only one thing stiull baffles him - if he has access to every bit of online porn in existence..... WHY IS HE STILL A VIRGIN?!?!?!